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Northwell Direct leads and rides the trends of direct contracting in the self-insured market

Direct contracting is gaining traction in what is seen as a lower-cost alternative to traditional health insurance. Northwell Direct is embracing this trend by recently establishing third-party administrator Brighton Health Plan Solutions for claims processing and administration.

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Northwell Health updates healthcare benefits through direct-to-employer model

Dealing with insurance providers can be a hassle for both employees and employers, who are eager for easier access and simpler communications when it comes to healthcare.

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Industry Voices - Health systems and the rise of direct contracting

As employers continue to experience unsustainable healthcare cost growth, a significant number are starting to embrace direct contracting with health systems to reduce healthcare spending and improve provider accountability for the quality care they purchase.

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Michelle Zettergren on direct contracting, COEs, and employer compliance with new ERISA regulations

Catalyst for Payment Reform's Suzanne Delbanco speaks with Michelle Zettergren, President of Labor and Public Sector markets and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Brighton Health Plan Solutions. Listen to the podcast now.

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How direct contracting can succeed where high deductible health plans fail

The direct-contracting model is demonstrating that it can both manage cost and improve the quality of care.

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How to turn a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion into action

DEI initiatives can take many forms, and the conversations essential to leading sustained change are difficult and the solutions complex.

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Post pandemic, employers feel the urgency to address unsustainable health costs

Employers are ready to lower the cost of health insurance and they’ll do anything to make it happen.

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How providers can continue to support mental health services post-pandemic

While the pandemic is subsiding, provider organizations can continue to focus on expanding behavioral health service access through telehealth.

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Telehealth not enough to offset crushing demand for mental health services

Despite the increase in the use of telehealth for mental health visits, utilization of mental health services is still down in 2020 compared to previous years. That means people with medical health issues are not getting the care they need.

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Telehealth not enough to offset crushing demand for mental health services

Despite the increase in the use of telehealth for mental health visits, utilization of mental health services is still down in 2020 compared to previous years. That means people with medical health issues are not getting the care they need.

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Premium holidays are no reason to celebrate

A premium holiday is where health insurance companies forego premiums when claim volume is low, since by law, insurance companies are obligated to spend 80% of premiums on medical expenses. But even in normal years, health insurance companies’ projections are typically too high. A more cost-effective approach for companies is to self fund their health plans, where they pay according to utilization.

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Mental healthcare is suffering during the pandemic; new data shows how much

An analysis of healthcare claims during the height of the coronavirus outbreak in the New York City metro area suggests concerning trends in behavioral healthcare utilization among Americans who need that care most.

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COVID-19 highlights limitations of fully insured health plans

This year’s worldwide COVID-19 pandemic further illuminates why employers should consider a self funded healthcare strategy over a fully insured health plan. 

Waterbury Health joins the trend

Waterbury HEALTH in Connecticut recently became part of an integrated delivery network set up by Brighton Health Plan Solutions, a New York-based company that brokers healthcare services between providers and employers.

Self funded employers don’t have to cut health coverage due to Coronavirus

There are several strategies employers can use to lower the cost of the healthcare they offer their employees. Michelle Zettergren, President of MagnaCare, explains the ways employers can save.

Press Releases

Brighton Health Plan Solutions to Administer Northwell Health's Employee Health Benefits Plan

Healthcare enablemenet company to manage health benefits for about 75,000 health system employees and dependents using the Northwell Direct network.

Brighton Health Plan Solutions Achieves URAC Reaccreditation in Health Utilization Management

Once again earned national accreditation in Health Utilization Management from URAC, an independent leader in promoting healthcare quality through leadership, accreditation, measurement and innovation.

Brighton Health Plan Solutions Leaders Win 2021 Stevie® Awards for Sales and Customer Service

Brighton leaders were recognized for driving innovation, growth and national expansion, and for their hands-on pandemic response in customer service.

Brighton Health Plan Solutions CIO Arun Bhatia Wins 2021 BIG Innovation Award for Create® Technology

Brighton Health Plan Solutions Unveils Expanded Create® Technology Platform for Self-Insured Employers

Healthcare enablement company's technology platform powers enrollment, direct contracting, health plan management, trust and welfare administration and member engagement.

Brighton Health Plan Solutions Expands Nationally with its Technology, Direct Provider Contracting and Service Solutions

Atlantic Health System Joins Create® Network, Expanding  New Jersey-based Employees’ Innovative Benefits Options

Create Atlantic Health System increases access to affordable, quality care in New Jersey’s Morris, Sussex, Union and Warren Counties.

Waterbury HEALTH and ECHN Join Create® Network, Expanding Innovative Benefits Options for Connecticut Employees

Through Create, Waterbury HEALTH and Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN) offer an integrated delivery network to self-insured employers.

MagnaCare Mobile Technology Wins Multiple Industry Accolades

MagnaCare’s MyCreateHealth mobile app won a Silver Best in Biz 2019 award in the Enterprise and SMB category, and has received merit recognition from Digital Health Awards in the Mobile Digital Health Resources category.


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January 19, 2021

Brighton Health Plan Solutions CIO wins the 2021 BIG Innovation Award for the industry-leading Create® Technology platform.

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 July 14, 2020

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Technology contributes to health plan satisfaction
January 16, 2019

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