Healthcare transformation
is more than a big idea

It's a reality

Brighton Health Plan Solutions is a healthcare enablement company that is transforming the healthcare landscape. Through our unique perspective and the alignment of stakeholders, we are bringing about significant change in the way healthcare is accessed and delivered.

Purchasers of group health plans and their members are paying too much for healthcare. Another problem is that care is fragmented across disparate systems. It’s difficult to navigate, and patients do not receive holistic care – adversely affecting patient outcomes.

Brighton Health Plan Solutions enables self funded clients, health systems, and TPAs to solve the problems facing today’s healthcare. We furnish our clients with the tools they need to enhance the member experience and offer highly customizable plan designs with ultimate flexibility.

Across the country, as hospitals consolidate into larger health systems, there is an opportunity to deliver integrated care. By working with health systems, we've built a model that promotes better health outcomes at lower cost.

Our innovative and sustainable solutions encourage patient activation and improve the quality of care, while benefiting the health systems, employers, and health plan members.

Spearheading a healthcare revolution

Our ability to effect impactful change stems from our focus on collaboration. We believe that people achieve the best results when all stakeholders work together to find an outcome that is favorable for all involved.

We bring purchasers of health plans and providers of healthcare to the same table to build mutually beneficial solutions. While we offer our own provider networks, we’ll work with health systems to tailor their network if it’s best for the client. We will also supplement the capabilities of other TPAs to provide superior results for their clients.

In addition to our collaborative approach, our ability to effect impactful change stems from our extensive healthcare expertise:

Join us in our mission to reduce healthcare costs and increase healthcare quality through innovative health plans and mutually beneficial partnerships.