A growing trend that lowers healthcare costs

Reference based pricing (RBP) has been gaining traction by self funded groups that want to gain control over the high cost of healthcare.

By setting fair and reasonable rates for health services, typically based on Medicare rates, reference based pricing succeeds in lowering costs. Groups moving to an RBP model have achieved savings over typical health insurance.

Brighton Health Plan Solutions will design your health plan with reference based pricing, establishing fair pricing in your member locations.

We educate your members on their benefits and guide them to visit reference based pricing providers through plan design such as lower cost-sharing for these providers.

Our Create® Technology healthcare technology platform supports plan administration according to reference based pricing. Transparent access to your claims data and analytics enables you to determine the price savings achieved and to continually enhance plan performance.

Drug cost is the fastest growing expense driving up healthcare costs. We support reference based pricing on drug costs through our integrated PBMs, including MagnaCareRx, which can help you achieve significant savings.


Reference based pricing enables employers to lower their healthcare costs by 25–30%