Keep your employees’ healthcare dollars in your health system

High-performing narrow networks are gaining popularity in employee healthcare. But for a narrow network to be effective, employees need convenient access to the participating providers. Your employees, who live and work in close proximity to your provider locations, are a natural fit for a narrow network based on your own provider network.

Concierge customer service

By offering your hospital employees a self funded health plan based on your health system network, you will:

  • Give your employees access to high-quality providers they know and trust

  • Lower your healthcare costs

  • Increase the amount of claim dollars earned by your health system

  • Reduce employee downtime and increase productivity through convenient care locations

As the health system, you will benefit by increasing the volume of visits to your providers.

As an employer, you will reap the cost savings associated with a lower cost health system-based network.

To give your employees additional options and for employees living outside your service area, we can provide a supplemental network that provides access to additional providers, including providers located outside your coverage area.

Case Study:
Health System Partnership

We assisted a leading health system in the Northeast to form a provider network based on its own doctors and hospitals.

By offering this network to thousands of their employees, they are lowering their healthcare costs and are keeping more claim dollars in their health system.

The health system engaged Brighton Health Plan Solutions to:

  • Fill gaps in its network to add specialties and meet network adequacy requirements
  • Process claims, customize health plan design, and perform other TPA services
  • Provide Create® Technology, our advanced technology platform, which allows your Benefits team to administer the plan and members to search for in-network providers and access and manage benefits
  • Provide medical management programs to ensure health plan members get the most appropriate care at the best cost

Are you interested in giving your health system employees access to your own network? You can rely on our expertise in network design and health plan administration. Contact us to discuss using your network in your employee health plans.