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Looking to increase patient volume? Try direct contracting

What’s your New Year’s goal for 2023? If you’re like many health systems across the U.S., it may be something along the lines of “increase patient volume by X%.” It’s a worthy goal, to be sure, but it also includes unique challenges. As health systems struggle to keep...

Is your health system ready for direct contracting?

If you’ve considered direct contracting but haven’t yet taken the plunge, now could be the ideal time. Costs are skyrocketing for health systems. The reality of cutthroat industry competition means health systems need innovation to stay ahead of the curve. Working...

Is Your Health System Leaving Money On the Table?

As healthcare systems continue to have margins squeezed and pressure on the bottom line intensifies, many are wondering: Are there places where I’m leaving money on the table? If your health system is still working under the traditional insurance model, the answer is...

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