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Is Your Health System Leaving Money On the Table?

As healthcare systems continue to have margins squeezed and pressure on the bottom line intensifies, many are wondering: Are there places where I’m leaving money on the table? If your health system is still working under the traditional insurance model, the answer is...

What do integrated health systems mean for our healthcare?

For several years, hospitals have been merging in an attempt to streamline their operations and increase their buying power through volume. Today there are very few stand-alone hospitals. Most are part of a bigger hospital group, or health system. Sometimes called an...

No Surprises Act Notice and Disclosures

Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills for Emergency Services and Certain Services from Out-of-Network Providers at an In-Network Hospital or Ambulatory Surgical Center Plan participants are protected from surprise billing, also called balance billing,...

What Do Employees Think of Direct-to-Provider Healthcare?

Direct-to-provider healthcare is rapidly growing among employers seeking to lower their healthcare costs. But what do employees think of the idea? It turns out they like it quite a lot, especially when it comes to primary care. A nationwide 2021 survey conducted by...

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