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The Real Winners: Consumers of Create® Technology

Written by Arun Bhatia
January 19, 2021
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I am humbled to be counted among the seven executives from around the globe, including those from leading firms such as Aflac and Citi Ventures, who were singled out for the 2021 Business Intelligence Group (BIG) Innovation Award.

While the award was presented to me as Chief Information Officer at Brighton Health Plan Solutions, kudos really go to my amazing team that developed our groundbreaking Create® Technology, the most advanced healthcare technology platform in the industry.

Actually, the description “healthcare technology platform” does not begin to reflect its capabilities. Our technology platform does provide administrators and members with the best tools to manage their health benefits. The Administrator Portal gives administrators a centralized place to manage all aspects of the health plan and membership, and the Member Portal and mobile app give members an easy way to find providers, review claims and benefits, display their ID cards, view their finances, and more, all in an attractive, inviting design. But our technology platform handles a lot more than just healthcare.

By integrating with any other vendor, including data warehouses and payroll tools, Create® Technology gives admins access to the information they need to do their work beyond health benefits. The technology manages eligibility determination, online open enrollment, benefits and financial administration, contribution accounting, hours reconciliation, premium collection, and delinquency management, to name a few. Customizable templates enable fast and easy communication with partners and members, promoting member activation and engagement while eliminating costly mailings.

One of the most powerful aspects of Create® Technology is its flexibility. It is customizable to any organization’s processes or preferences. Clients who have switched to Create® Technology sing its praises – not just for how beautiful it looks, but also (and mainly) because it makes their job so much easier. I’d like to think that they’re the real winners.

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