Frequently asked questions

Q: My number one question: why should I switch my company from our traditional insurance company to your provider network?

A: Our number one answer? Your costs are going up and up…and up. Without an insurance company standing in the middle, Northwell Direct offers employers more competitive rates than traditional health plans.

Q: How competitive?

A: Northwell Direct’s rates are 20% lower than best in market rates.

Cost isn’t everything.

A: Quite true. But quality of health care is. Health systems like Northwell Health have quality and cost metrics in place that are more stringent than traditional plans.

Q: What about accessibility for my employees to providers, hospitals and facilities?

A: Northwell Direct provides access to care across New York and New Jersey. That means nearly 20,000 providers, 4,450 primary and specialty care practices, 33 ambulatory surgery centers, 118 urgent care centers and 50 leading hospitals. Plus, we offer options to augment the Northwell Direct network with both local and national network options if additional coverage is needed.

Q: Our insurance company offers a full suite of care management and medical management programs. How about you?

A: Absolutely. From utilization management to specialized case management to wellness programs, Northwell Direct has your care management and medical management needs covered. We designed our programs to meet members where they are on the healthcare spectrum and provide tools and guidance to improve health, reduce admissions/readmissions and educate members to achieve health goals.

Q: Our company’s traditional insurance company administered our healthcare plan. That’s a big job.

A: Yes, it is. That’s why Northwell Direct has chosen Brighton Health Plan Solutions (BHPS) as its Third Party Administrator (TPA). Unlike traditional insurance companies, BHPS offers unprecedented flexibility. We can administer your customized health plan the way you want, manage your eligibility and enrollment, process your claims and provide concierge-level customer service.

Q: Will our members have access to their healthcare information online or on-the-go?

A: Most definitely! Your members will have around-the-clock access to an award-winning member portal and app that can connect them to their healthcare information whenever they need it. After quickly logging in, your members will have access to their plan information, EOBs, ID cards, important documents, options to connect with our Concierge customer service team and much more. And our provider search tools will always guide them to high quality Northwell Direct providers. Beyond the standard features, we can customize our technology to your company and plan – featuring your logos, documents, links and important messages from your team.

Q: Speaking of customer service, our health insurance company actually isn’t very good at that…

A: Brighton Health Plan Solutions is. We have one of the highest Net Promoter Scores in the industry. Our concierge customer service representatives offer expert care, navigation and guidance via phone, email and web chat. Plus, our highly responsive Account Management team goes beyond just day-to-day management duties to provide strategic support to our clients. Beyond our excellent staff, our award-winning Create technology platform transforms the benefits experience by saving time for your HR team and increasing employee engagement and satisfaction.