Looking to increase patient volume? Try direct contracting

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Looking to increase patient volume? Try direct contracting

What’s your New Year’s goal for 2023? If you’re like many health systems across the U.S., it may be something along the lines of “increase patient volume by X%.”

It’s a worthy goal, to be sure, but it also includes unique challenges. As health systems struggle to keep control over rising costs and low patient retention, many are looking for solutions that help them work smarter, not harder.

What’s causing the strain on health systems? One key pain point is the oversaturated market. Patients have access to more healthcare options than ever before, so they can quickly find better care if they feel your health system isn’t up to snuff. Just one run-in with inefficient processes, poor communication, or lengthy wait times can lead to frustrated patients and lower patient volume.

To add insult to injury, healthcare costs are steadily climbing. Health systems are struggling to continue providing their patients with excellent care without losing out on profits. And following traditional contracting methods makes this harder. Working through insurance companies is inconvenient at best, and it’s also extremely expensive.

But the rise of customer-focused retail and technology companies means consumers now expect a more convenient, customizable, and personalized experience, even (perhaps even especially) from their healthcare providers. If your health system falls short of excellent, it will eventually lower those critical patient numbers.

This begs the question: How can health systems ensure they provide a pristine patient experience without losing float?

The answer is through direct contracting.

Direct contracting is one of the smartest strategies you can leverage to increase patient volume.

Health systems seeking to boost their service volume need to do so without breaking the bank. That’s where direct contracting comes in.

Direct contracting is a healthcare payment model in which a health system contracts directly with payers, such as employers, to provide care for their members or employees. By removing the need to work through an expensive insurance company, direct contracting helps health systems lower their costs, increase revenue, and deliver exceptional care directly to patients.

Let’s take a closer look at how direct contracting can help health systems manage costs while improving patient access to services.

What are the benefits of direct contracting for employee health solutions?

  • Direct contracting eliminates the need for insurance companies altogether. Health systems can bypass the expenses and bureaucracy associated with traditional insurance companies, saving time and money while providing quality care to patients.
  • Direct contracting improves patients’ access to your health system services. It reduces the administrative burden and streamlines communication processes, ultimately leading to better access to healthcare services.
  • Direct contracting helps you outpace your competition. It offers health systems more control over their payment models and allows you to provide patients with a more personalized and convenient experience, which can help boost patient retention. Additionally, direct contracting can help health systems keep up with advances in technology and medical treatments, allowing you to remain competitive and offer the latest and most effective care to their patients.
  • Direct contracting enables you to bring your employee health solutions directly to market. Better still, the best direct contractors out there will craft a custom go-to-market strategy for your health system to capture demand.

If you’re wondering who the “best direct contractors out there” is referring to, well, we may be able to offer some insight.

How does Brighton Health Plan Solutions help improve patients’ access to your health system’s services?

We’re glad you asked. Brighton Health Plan Solutions has been at the forefront of direct contracting models for more than 30 years, building and maintaining proprietary provider networks as well as consulting services to health systems large and small. Here’s how we do it.

  • We leverage people-powered technology to keep you at the cutting edge of healthcare. Our award-winning and innovative Create® Technology platform enables all aspects of health plan access, including tools for online open enrollment, benefits administration, and member activation and engagement.
  • Our direct-to-employer contracting model eliminates the need for insurance companies, offering employer groups health plans based on your health system’s own network. It results in a larger number of patients using your providers and facilities, and also slashes costs and gives your budget breathing room—so you can focus on continuing to provide excellent care to your patients.
  • We personalize our solutions for every client, providing you with an in-depth analysis of your needs and capabilities to create bespoke solutions for your health system.
  • We also create a custom go-to-market strategy for your health plan. And we offer a unique provider directory to provide custom lookup opportunities for your members, making access to care easier than ever.

Before we go…

Making the leap to direct contracting may be daunting, but our dedicated team acts as your trusted partner to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible. As the saying goes, fortune favors the bold, and the cost of not switching may be far greater over the long term.

Traditional contracting methods, competition, and rising costs can lead to lower patient volume and decreased profits. Direct contracting offers a solution to these challenges. By partnering with Brighton Health Plan Solutions, health systems can lower costs, increase revenue, and continue to deliver high-quality care to their patients.

It’s time to switch to direct contracting and offer your patients the level of quality care you know you can offer. Get in touch today to learn more about our direct contracting solutions.

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