Infographic: Get a Highly Customized Healthcare Solution

Brighton Health Plan Solutions offers a wide range of self-funded health plan services, customized to your needs. Here’s a small sampling of what we can offer:

  • Health plan design and administration – Tailored to your population and budget, including very affordable MEC plans.
  • TPA services – Including eligibility, enrollment, claim administration, contribution accounting, and more.
  • Technology platform and mobile app – Simplifies benefits management and improves employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Proprietary networks – We offer nationwide and local provider networks, and can build a custom provider network in any region, including networks based on individual health systems.
  • Direct-to-provider contracting – We can negotiate directly with any health system to build a dedicated network, such as the Northwell Direct network and health plan.
  • Cost-saving programs – We offer additional programs that lower your costs, such as utilization management, case management, and more.

View the infographic below for more details. And if you’d like to learn more about our customized solutions, let’s talk!

Infographic Brighton Health Plan Solutions healthcare services


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