Frequently asked questions

Q: I’m in good health and don’t go to the doctor very often. Is Northwell Direct going to cost me extra money?

A: No. In fact, Northwell Direct can save you up to 15% in out-of-pocket costs compared to other traditional national carriers.

Q: Can I still go to urgent care?

A: Yes. We have 118 urgent care centers in our network, as well as virtual care and clinical call centers. We also have expert clinicians at clinics located on-site or near your workplace.

Q: If I get really sick and have to be hospitalized for a while, am I covered?

A: Yes. With Northwell Direct medical and hospitalization coverage, you are always covered in the case of emergency. If you are diagnosed with an illness that requires hospitalization, you will be covered based on your group’s specific benefit plan.

Q: My child goes to school in another state. Will they still be covered under my insurance?

A: Yes. Students can access the Northwell Direct network when home in the New York/New Jersey area, and out-of-area coverage applies when they are at school.

Q: Will I have to change all my doctors?

A: Probably not: Northwell Direct’s network has nearly 20,000 physicians in 4,450 primary and specialty care practices. If your current doctor is not included, you will have plenty of excellent choices. You can also nominate your physician to be recruited into the participating network.

Q: Are my prescriptions covered?

A: Yes. Northwell Direct offers integrated prescription coverage options.

Q: Are wellness visits and immunizations included?

A: Yes. Preventive care is covered.

Q: Do you cover alternative therapies if I want to see a chiropractor or an acupuncturist?

A: Yes. You can view the Northwell Direct website for participating providers, which includes specialists like chiropractors and acupuncturists.

Q: Is there any mental health coverage?

A: Yes, our plans include coverage options for behavioral health.

Q: Is any online customer service support available?

A: Plenty. The MyCreate web portal and our app give you easy access to your benefits information and spending, and you can also book appointments. We also offer customer service click-to-call and click-to-chat capabilities if you need to consult with one of our representatives.