Reduce your healthcare costs with Northwell Direct

Eliminate traditional insurance carriers and reduce your costs with Northwell Direct, an exciting new employee health plan from Northwell Health for companies in New York and New Jersey.

Northwell Direct removes the health insurance carrier from the equation, giving your employees excellent benefits through a wide-ranging network with rates that are up to 20% lower than best-in-market rates.

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The benefits of Northwell Direct

Reduced Costs

Up to 20% lower than best-in-market rates, available only through Northwell Direct plans


Customizable plans

Your plan is customized to include additional providers that meet your population’s health and travel needs.

Eliminate the insurance carrier

By removing the health insurance company from the middle, direct contracting creates a mutually beneficial relationship between your company and Northwell Direct.

Give your employees quality healthcare

Without an insurance company calling many of the shots, Northwell Health providers can do what they do best: provide the best care options for their patients.

Get full access to claims data

Traditional insurance companies generally make important data unavailable, leaving both employers and employees in the dark. Going direct-to-provider with Northwell Health means you own your firm’s claims data and have full access to it, allowing you to make targeted decisions that can enhance your employees’ health coverage while controlling company costs.

Join the growing trend

11% of self-funded large employers have adopted direct contracting arrangements with health systems.

These include Boeing, Intel, Walmart, Cisco and Lowes. And Northwell Direct has also signed high profile partnerships with Whole Foods and JetBlue.

Take advantage of Northwell Health’s extensive network

Your employees access the Northwell Health network in New York and the RWJBarnabas Health network in New Jersey, plus imaging centers, laboratories, pharmacies and more.

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RWJBarnabas Health


urgent care centers

ambulatory surgical centers

doctors in all specialties

direct to provider contracting

Northwell Health has selected Brighton Health Plan Solutions to administer Northwell Direct.

Brighton Health Plan Solutions is a third party administrator (TPA) with over 30 years in the industry and deep experience collaborating with health systems.

We provide:

  • Customized health plan design
  • Integrated pharmacy and medical benefits
  • Telehealth services and clinical call centers
  • Transparent access to your claims data
  • Clinical claim review and claim repricing
  • Medical management programs that contain costs while providing the most appropriate care
  • User-friendly portals and mobile app for your HR team and employees
  • Concierge customer service line

Create® Technology platform

Enhanced satisfaction through advanced technology

With Brighton Health Plan Solutions as your TPA, you gain access to the award-winning Create® Technology platform. It transforms the benefits experience by saving time for your HR team and increasing employee engagement and satisfaction.

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